Ongoing Information – Last Update 20 DEC 2019 2257h

Right into the New Year, we get involved in the yearly Preston International Hockey Tournament. This can raise into the five figure mark for the unit. This is a three day event and cadets are regularly involved, from guarding trophies, to handing them out to players on the last day of the tournament. Over 60 teams are expected to participate. Friday is all day only at the Kitchener Auditorium. Saturday and Sunday games are held at various Cambridge areans including, but not limited to Preston Arena, Galt Arena, Carl Homuth Arena. The Kitchener Aud is used Friday only. Friday is also a school day, and a letter will be made available for those cadets who are in good standing with their grades at school and want to volunteer their time. In a week or two, a sign up sheet will be available for the hockey tournament. A parent sign up sheet will also be available. Our first Wed back into the New Year is often a dress down evening as the cadets put together packages for each team member playing at the tournament. These are care packages that include a towel, various goodies, and coupons at nearby sports stores. This usually doesn’t take all night so class training will be taught after.

Some of the parades, and other activities we do are also put on mostly by volunteers. As the parade today was shown as ‘cancelled’ it was the decision made by myself as the organizers did not get back to us in time with the required information. That deadline was this past Wed so it could be announced. No info, no parade. We try to give everyone as much time as we can so activities aren’t put forward at the last minute. As an example, for parade today, it was approved by Detachment over a month ago. Det requires 45 days notice for local activities. If that activity has a higher risk of potential injury that jumps to 60 days and requires additional paperwork on top of the usual risk assessment package that I have to complete. For overnight trips, that jumps further to 115 days. International trips or out of province trips is 135 days. This is why planning is important. I outlined more info in regard to activity planning a couple months ago if you search for FTX or field training exercise that was held the last weekend in September.

Speaking of trips, our Ottawa trip this March Break had to be postponed a year to 2020 in lieu of us not getting accommodations in time. By trying to get a lower cost for a large group, people often take their time getting back to us, and in this case it was too late despite my relentless phone calling well before the deadlines.

Parents of one of our retired cadets, The Steinmann Family, through their company Riverside Brass has donated $7,000 to the cadets. Mr Steinmann approved that the funds can go toward the Ottawa trip, and power flying time at the airport (approvals pending).

By moving the trip forward a year, some of our level five cadets now won’t be able to attend. Starting next Sept a more intricate merit (point) system will be in place should we be limited on the number of cadets who can attend. I’ll publish more information into the New Year. The idea now is to increase the trip to 4 days minimum. Parents, this is another good reason to come out to the parent meeting this Wed. If you have personal experience in participating in a tour, anywhere in Ottawa area that the cadets can benefit from for their citizenship training, great! Anything that can lower the overall cost is also appreciated. If you have an idea but can’t make it out on Wednesday, touch base with Ray Lavoie. it can be about anything and everything. Open your mind…