822 Squadron Search & Rescue (SAR) Activity Permission Form Due for Cambridge Fire Department

Fire Station - Truck With Ladder Extended

By returning the attached permission form, the cadet is allowed to participate in 822 Squadrons Search & Rescue programs off site training activity on Monday evening 1830-2000 hrs unless otherwise noted. The form acknowledges parent/guardian permission, as well as permission from the Commanding Officer of the cadets’ home corps/squadron.

The Search and Rescue team will be participating in an off site training activity on Monday June 10, 2019 from 1830 hours to 2000 hours,  The training activity will be conducted at the Cambridge Fire Department-Headquarters located at 1625 Bishop Steet North, Cambridge, Ontario.

Parents: On Monday, June 10, 2019 the Search and Rescue team will be meeting at the Cambridge Fire Department – Headquarters and not the squadron. Please meet at the back door of the station on arrival located at 1625 Bishop Steet North, Cambridge, Ontario).

Cambridge Fire Station 01 - pick up and drop off

Due to the nature of the response time of fire fighters the training sessions might be cut short. AS A RESULT, PARENTS WILL BE NOTIFIED (CALLED) TO PICK UP THEIR CADETS FROM THE FIRE STATION A.S.A.P. PARENTS NEED TO BE AVAILABLE TO PICK UP THEIR CADET.

The training session will focus around the Fire Department’s responsibilities in a Search and Rescue situation, training requirements for first responders and presentations of Canadian Forces members within the first responder community.

Cadets are to bring the signed consent form back to 2Lt Gibbons A.S.A.P.

The day of the activity cadets are to bring pen, pencil, notebook and a refillable water bottle with their name on it.

Dress for the training session is either tour dress or operational dress (combats).

This attached form below will be kept on file for emergency contact purposes only.

The officer in charge (OIC) of 822’s SAR program is 2Lt. S. Gibbons.

For emergencies 2Lt Gibbons can be reached at 519-465-3875 (cell).

For other inquiries 2Lt Gibbons email is scott.gibbons1968@gmail.com

822 Squadron Search and Rescue (SAR) Activity Permission Form – [Download]

Parents – This form is yours to keep.

Captain B. Wilson
Commanding Officer
822 Squadron
Cadet Youth Development Centre
14-4881 Fountain St N.
Breslau, ON
N0B 1M0