Aerospace and Search and Rescue (Registration)

Time to register
Cockpit with paper


September 11th and September 18th.

  • Aerospace Applications to be handed out 09/11 and returned no later than 09/18

If you haven’t already filled out the application form at the squadron, you can fill out the following on-line form. Please fill this out as soon as possible as it is needed to help with placement when setting up classes.

Aerospace On-line Application Form (2019-2020)

Monday, September 30th:

  • Start of Aerospace.
Search and Rescue - 02

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue can only accept (20) 822 Tutor air cadets this year so if you are interested, the sign-up sheets are on the sign-up board at the squadron.

Once those 20 spots are taken, Search and Rescue registration will close.

Monday, September 9th:

  • Search and Rescue starts

Warriors Day Parade and BBQ

Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 126

Warriors Weekend takes place in the second weekend in September. During this weekend, we honour the memories and sacrifices of our fallen comrades from former conflicts.

In May, we travel to Jamestown to honour the fallen American soldiers of our sister Legion (Post 777) on their Memorial Day. In September, our friends from the USA travel to Cambridge to honour our fallen Canadian soldiers on Warriors Weekend.

As part of the ceremonies of this special weekend, Branch 126 hosts a Band Tattoo where several bands gather to play their music and entertain the spectators.

Date: Saturday, September 7th.

Arrival Time: 11:30:00 AM

Start Time: Service will start at 12:00:00 PM

End Time: After service, bands will form up at the Legion for the Band Tattoo

Dismissal Time: Approximately 3:30 pm after Band Tattoo

Location of Event (including drop off and pick up locations):

334 Westminister Drive North, Royal Canadian Legion Branch 126 (Preston Legion)

Cadets required to attend: Open to all cadets however Flag Party is required.

Cadet Dress: C1 (Full uniform)

  • Wedge, shirt with necktie, jacket, trousers or slacks with belt, boots and grey wool socks.
  • Worn with medals and pins on the jacket.
  • Worn with cloth or embroidered pilot wings on the jacket but not the metal pilot wings.
  • Name tag

Transportation: Cadets are required to find their own transportation

Supervision: Staff Officers

Meals/Refreshments: Food provided to all cadets that participate, upstairs at Legion

The Legion donates a considerable amount of money to the CYDC each year. This is one of the many events that the Legion requests our Squadron to participate in. Participation in these events secures our funding from the Legion.

2019/20 Flying Scholarship

Tools used for flying a plane

The proposed scholarship training schedule for this season is shown below.

Instructors please advise if you have conflicts.

Please direct candidates to this address to sign up.

An observer is a cadet meeting all requirements except one. Usually age because their birth date is after September 01.

Class time is 1500h to 1730h with a 10 minute break.

Doors will be open by 1430h.

Cadets are expected to attend both interview practices.

2019/20 Schedule
Location Week Date Instructor Topic
Location change to 296 LHQ instead of 80 LHQ 1 22-Sep O’Connor Intro & The Airplane
80 LHQ 2 29-Sep Mitchell Theory of Flight
3 06-Oct Liu Engines part 1
13-Oct Thanksgiving (No Class)
4 20-Oct O’Connor Engines part 2, Air Law 1
296 LHQ 5 27-Oct Mitchell Air Law 2
6 03-Nov Gellatly Meteorology 1
7 10-Nov Liu Meteorology 2
8 17-Nov Mitchell Navigation 1
530 LHQ 9 24-Nov Gellatly Navigation 2
Stott Glider Review
10 01-Dec Gillespie Radio/Airmanship
11 08-Dec Stott Human Factors
12 15-Dec O’Connor Practice Exam
822 LHQ 13 11-Jan Escort Officer Selection Exam
14 12-Jan 80/296 First Interview Practice
15 19-Jan 530/822 Second Interview Practice
16 25-Jan Escort Officer National Camp Interviews