2019/20 Flying Scholarship

Tools used for flying a plane

The proposed scholarship training schedule for this season is shown below.

Instructors please advise if you have conflicts.

Please direct candidates to this address to sign up.


An observer is a cadet meeting all requirements except one. Usually age because their birth date is after September 01.

Class time is 1500h to 1730h with a 10 minute break.

Doors will be open by 1430h.

Cadets are expected to attend both interview practices.

2019/20 Schedule
Location Week Date Instructor Topic
Location change to 296 LHQ instead of 80 LHQ 1 22-Sep O’Connor Intro & The Airplane
80 LHQ 2 29-Sep Mitchell Theory of Flight
3 06-Oct Liu Engines part 1
13-Oct Thanksgiving (No Class)
4 20-Oct O’Connor Engines part 2, Air Law 1
296 LHQ 5 27-Oct Mitchell Air Law 2
6 03-Nov Gellatly Meteorology 1
7 10-Nov Liu Meteorology 2
8 17-Nov Mitchell Navigation 1
530 LHQ 9 24-Nov Gellatly Navigation 2
Stott Glider Review
10 01-Dec Gillespie Radio/Airmanship
11 08-Dec Stott Human Factors
12 15-Dec O’Connor Practice Exam
822 LHQ 13 11-Jan Escort Officer Selection Exam
14 12-Jan 80/296 First Interview Practice
15 19-Jan 530/822 Second Interview Practice
16 25-Jan Escort Officer National Camp Interviews