Flying Scholarship Exams

Writing Exam

Here is some additional information for cadets that will be writing their flying scholarship exams this coming Saturday. Note that the attached memo sent out in November indicates the testing locations for the London, Windsor, Hamilton and Kitchener Waterloo areas.

You will find attached the nominal role for cadets that had their documentation submitted on time. If you did not submit any cadets for the exams this year, you can disregard this email. If you did submit cadets in Fortresss, please review the list to confirm that they are noted.

Dress in the original documentation indicated C2 for cadets which should have read C3 Service Dress. This will be the dress for both the exams and the interviews.

Note that cadets are not permitted to use any electronic devices during the exam. This includes phones, smart watches, calculators and electronic flight calculators. I will suggest that your cadets bring a pencil and eraser with them but if they forget, there will be some available on site.

Note that arrival at each of the sites is for 1230h on 11 Jan 2020 with the exam conclusion NLT 1500h on 11 Jan 2020. Please ensure that your cadets are prompt.

There are two cadets from 121 RCACS and one cadet from 862 RCACS who will be competing at the area Biathlon competition and will have alternate arrangements made for their exams. Unit officers are aware of the arrangements.

Any questions to my attention.

Captain / capitaine

PM Bast CD

J3 Zone Training Officer – SWOA Chatham Essex

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J3 Officier d’entrainement de Zone – SWOA Chatham Essex

Forces Armèes Canadiennes / Tel: 519- 660-5483 / RCCC: 625-5483 / /ATS: 519-520-5611