18 August 2020 Update

18 August 2020 UPDATE

  1. In person training will not resume until 1 Oct 2020. Online training will be implemented for Sept 2020.
  2. There will be many new acronyms coming out. Including NMM or non medical mask. DND will issue one per cadet and staff member. Until that time, a personal procured NMM will suffice.
  3. Direction on wearing masks for those who have health concerns, information will be forthcoming.

15 August 2020 Update

Update 15 Aug 2020.As stated in the video discussion Wed: With the upcoming training year there are challenges that we are going to face, and direction to return to unit has not been finalized by Formation.As it stands now, we may stand down from in person activities until 1 Oct, although unconfirmed.Plan A is to have enough cadets and staff under the 50 person limit and have the one Wednesday parade night. Plan B is if we are over 50 people. We are going to parade Wednesday and Thursday nights. Wednesday night will be levels 1 and 2. Thursday nights will be level 3 and 4. The warrants and Flight Sergeants would be equally divided between the two nights. There is a small chance we may be able to parade levels 3 and 4 Wed at a different location.Plan C is if we can not return to the unit till October 1, we will utilize the Webex system and do online classes untill we return to the unit. The online classes will be split between levels 2 to 4. There will be an emphasis on level 3 and 4 to facilitate the required mandatory lessons for their P.O checks.Upon our return to the unit there are protocols that we need to put in place and enforce in order to keep everyone safe. Sanitization protocols will also be posted before our return to unit and amended into the squadron standing orders.1. Parade will be a quick opening using the complete parade square in an L shape. Closing parade will be the same L format at double arms length.2. We will try to teach as many classes as we can outside, which allows the best technique for spacing. Cadets will be issued one chair for the duration of the evening.3. Sanitizing protocols for both cadets, equipment, teaching aids, and furniture used by cadets. Building signage will be forthcoming as well as an entry/exit plan, and mask/PPE protocol, will also be forthcoming.4. There will be many challenges and a further Webex to be announced for later next week outlining further details that I will receive Wed evening.5. Cadet FTU (field training uniflrms) have been ordered and will be a nice added addition to the current blue DEUs we all wear. We will receive a bulk order so some pieces will need to be ordered based off a cadets size.