29 Sept 2020 822 Update


Due to increasing numbers of positive COVID-19 cases 822 RCACS will stand down with Wednesday night in person training until 6 Jan 2021.

Virtual training will continue.

The staff is planning a couple of full day Saturday training into the new year. This is to primarily catch up from missed activities such as a weekend FTX, etc.

As we brace for a possible roll back to Stage 2, other area cadet units are also remaining virtual until January 2021 so we can collaboratively work on a regional plan to assist each other if required. The plan may include breaking into two separate cohorts once in person training resumes (Wed & Thurs).

Needless to say we are living in unprecedented times is an understatement, as per attached letter from our RCSU CO, LCol Leonard. The staff are proactively putting ideas together to make things fun and engaging, especially when it comes to online training. We also know that without in person activities where hands-on learning is paramount, to try to maintain a solid learning experience. There is a lot going on behind the scenes, and things can change quickly. If the COVID numbers decrease substantially we may obtain authorization to return to unit and start up activities.

Stay engaged & stay healthy.

  • Capt Wilson

First Aid Course 2019 Update

Cadets that attended the First Aid Course at the squadron in December of 2019, unfortunately there has been a delay in certification being issued.  The St John’s Ambulance is experiencing a 12 to16 month delay in having first aid certificates printed and shipped to Squadron’s and Corps.  However,  the course instructor Captain Kingma can provide a letter of course completion and validation.   Those cadets that took the course and require a letter of first aid certification for volunteering or employment verification are required to do the following.  By October 1, 2020 email me your name First and Last name with the spelling of how you want it to appear on the letter and email it to me.

Lt Gibbons at  scott.gibbons1968@gmail.com

Lt Gibbons

Virtual Training Information for Parents and Cadets for 822 Tutor Squadron R.C.A.C- September 2020

  1. Virtual Training will start Wednesday September 9, 2020 and continue until/ or after October 1, 2020 every Wednesday night.

  2. Virtual Training will be from:

    – 1830 to 1929 for level 1 and 2
    – 1930 to 2029 for level 3
    – 2030 to 2130 for level 4

  3. The dress for the virtual sessions is tour dress or presentable civilian casual attire.

  4. The Webex teleconference program/app is the platform that 822 Tutor squadron will be using for its virtual training.

  5. It is important that cadets complete the Accessibility to Virtual Training Survey 2020 and have it submitted no later than September 4, 2020. The survey link can be found on the 822 Tutor website or 822 Facebook Page. By completing the survey, the staff can better understand who has access to the virtual training and who does not. Staff then can come up with solutions to assist the cadet in having accessibility to the virtual training.

  6. There is no cadet that will be penalized for not having access to the virtual training due to accessibility issues. Staff have several ideas including worksheets with lesson material and activities mailed out to the cadet so they can do the activity and still gain some valuable cadet lesson-based information.

  7. Lessons will be taught by a combination of C.I.C staff and cadet Warrant officers

  8. Attendance will be taken for the classes. Cadets are suggested to have the following items available when taking part in their virtual lessons. Notepad, 2-inch binder, pen, pencil, eraser, pencil crayons/markers and glue/tape.

The lessons that will be taught to the cadets this year in both the virtual and in-person setting will encompass 3 main principles. The lessons will be FLEXIBLE, FUN and ENGAGING

The lessons will start with a safety briefing on cyber security and a Covi-19 Safety Briefing. The instructors will go over how to use the Webex teleconference and its features. The main lesson will focus on informed lessons designed to be flexible in its application, fun in the way it is delivered to the cadet and engaging in the content of the material/subject.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lt Scott Gibbons

Training Officer