822 Search and Rescue Logo Re-design Contest

Seeking 822 cadets to help the 822 Search and Rescue team to re-design it’s logo. Would like the creativity of our 822 cadets to show their artistic skills and imaginations. The following perimeters are to be used as a guide.


  1. Use what ever medium you feel comfortable with, i.e. painting, drawing, computer graphics, etc.
  2. Medium has to be convertible to a PDF format, so it can be used by screen printers and embroiders for T-shirt, hoodies, mugs and pens.
  3. The motto “so others can live” needs to appear some where on it.
  4. 822 Air Cadets Search and Rescue Team” needs to appear on the logo in some format, however you can rearrange it so the acronym of the team is easy to say. i.e. Air Cadet Search and Rescue Team Acronym would be A.C.S.R.T.. This Acronym is not easy to say, therefore you can arrange it so its easy to say.
  5. You can use a central picture for the logo i.e. a R.C.A.F Search and Rescue Aircraft, a non-agency life saving symbol, life saving animal etc.
  6. The contest is open to all 822 cadets regardless of rank and position.
  7. Each cadet is allowed to have 2 logo submissions.

The contest will accept submissions up until January 16,2021. Submissions are to be emailed to Lt Gibbons at scott.gibbons1968@gmail .com and c.c. to Captain Mazur at heather.mazur@canada.ca . Submissions will be posted on the 822 website and the squadron will vote on which one they like the best. The 3 logos with the most votes will be brought before the staff team and will have a winner choosen. Their will be a 3 rd , 2 nd and 1 st prize awarded. These prizes will be awarded and mailed out to the winning 822 cadets.

822 Cadets have FUN with this contest and we look forward to seeing your submissions

16 Dec 2020 Mess Dinner Info

This year our Mess Dinner will be virtual. WO2 Anderson will be taking lead and running the event.On Wed 16 Dec 2020 at 1830 hours we will commence a virtual Mess Dinner.Dress: C8 Mess dress (white shirt and bow tie if you have it, if not, C1 dress applies);

Location: your residence;

WebEx: Usual Wed night Webex link. A camera is preferred so as to take full advantage of the Mess Dinner experience. Be mindful that your camera background is neutral. Code of conduct and COVID-19 practices will apply;

Duration: 1830-1930h. Yes, this evening will end earlier due to the dinner and no scheduled classes after;

Meal: Preferably you have one of each food group cooked to eat for 1830h. If not, any food will do. A mess dinner in person, the meal is provided however we have to work with what we have, or rather what you have;

Drinks: Be sure to pour some juice, water, or other fluid you enjoy, to sip on and for toasts; There may or may not be updated information from the CO before the dinner gets underway.

What’s in it for me you ask?

Lots! This is a great experience and as everything virtual, will be a bit challenging, but there will be some antics and do’s and do-nots for next time. In person, this is a mandatory training activity to attend. Usually a second one occurs on a field training exercise (FTX) which will probably be absent this year, so I encourage you to join in!