Sunset MRE dinner prep!

Hello All,

In preparation for Sunset Parade, we would like to ask any cadets who picked up MRE packages for tonight’s dinner to pre-warm the contents prior to parade ! (Stoves should not be left unattended). Reminder that the contents will be hot and should be treated with caution when removed from boiling water

The contents should be fully heated and placed into a sealed dish to keep contents warm for the 30 min parade time. Failing the ability to have a dish, wrapping the heated contents in a towel can also work.

Also, gentle reminder to all that the pouches may be difficult to open. Seek assistance from adults if required when using a knife or sharp scissors for opening.

Bon appetite!

MRE pickup details for 16 June 2021

Sunset Parade [Mess] DinnerAll, on 16 June 2021 after the parade, cadets may participate in an open dinner with an MRE.

How do I get it? – Staff will set up a ‘drive thru’ style pickup at the CYDC this Friday 1630-1830h. If that that doesn’t work for some parents I can open the drive thru back up on Saturday at a time TBD. Depending on the weather a table and awning may be set up outside the CYDC. As we don’t have enough traffic cones and roughly 30 virtually active cadets we don’t expect a crowd. We cannot deliver the MREs per DND guidelines. This is strictly pickup only.

Do I need an MRE? – No, you don’t need to pick one up, but it will be available. Staff are also encouraged to pick one up to join in. You’re also welcome to join in and cook your own meal. You don’t need an MRE to participate.

What is an MRE? – An MRE is a “Meal Ready to Eat”. WO1 Gibbons taught a lesson on 29 May 2021 on how to prep an MRE.

Why is this necessary? – MRE for many cadets is a form of comfort food. It can increase morale, even for a short time and to have cadets mingle when we are unable to have an in person mess dinner makes it fun and enjoyable. It’s not a formal mess dinner, but rather just a ‘dinner’ that allows added camaraderie.

Is it safe? – Yes. We will put an MRE in a bag and set it in your vehicle while wearing proper PPE and sanitizing between vehicles. Waterloo Region reports to the London Detachment and they have approved this event.

Can I participate if I have dietary restrictions? – In most cases, yes. There are vegetarian MREs. MREs may contain or come in contact with animal products, and nuts. Please contact me if you have dietary restrictions and I’ll see what I can do.Break down a box for me – MREs are shipped 12 meals per box. Each box contains a mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner options. You won’t get a choice on what you receive unless you have dietary restrictions as stated above. Consider it a surprise meal!

The staff take the health, safety, and well being of it’s cadets and volunteers very seriously. I can’t stress enough that we will follow all COVID-19 protocols as laid out by DND and Public Health. Picking up an MRE is not mandatory, but is encouraged if you are able to get one for your cadet. It took dozens of phone calls, emails, and three levels of written permission to make this happen.TO LEARN | TO SERVE | TO ADVANCE