Cadet Correspondent WANTED!

Good day all,

Registration for the Fall 2021 Cadet Correspondent Workshop (CdtCor 2103) is now open in FORTRESS. The deadline to submit nominations will be 6 Nov 21 and the workshop will be offered in both official languages.

Our French serial will be starting on 10 Nov 21 at 1900 hrs for five consecutive Wednesdays, whereas our English serial will be starting on 13 Nov 21 at 1300hrs for five consecutive Saturdays. Both sessions will be 1.5hrs in duration.

To apply email Capt Wilson and carbon copy another staff member. Please ensure that the following registration steps are followed in order to be successfully loaded:

  • Must have a Gmail account ( to access the Google Classroom. 

Please feel free to share the attached infographics with your unit staff, parents and cadets. 

On behalf of the regional public affairs team, we would like to express our thanks to all the units for your interest and support of the Cadet Correspondent Workshop.


RCSU Central Public Affairs Team