BIATHLON – Sat 20 Nov 2021!You don’t need any prior knowledge for this. Registration is required. Lunch is provided. Location is at the Kitchener East Ave Armoury beside the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium. Roughly 0800-1600h. This is a “run and shoot” activity, fully paid for by DND. There are three additional Biathlons in Southern Ontario. Currently only 31 cadets in this area are registered and can manage twice that. For the shoot portion, air rifles will be utilized and new cadets will be given instruction on how to handle the rifle safely, and how to shoot! I encourage anyone who doesn’t have anything planned for that Saturday, to register with Capt Gibbons and carbon copy myself (cc) on the email

Just a hint for those who want to apply for a flying scholarship, or other senior summer course this can give you a leg up.

In September there was an Orienteering competition that was also put on by DND. Like Biathlon, these activities are known as RDA, or Regionally Directed Activity. This means Borden, or even Ottawa is responsible for running, administering, and paying for these events. All they are is a great opportunity to do more within the cadet program and perhaps open the door to something you would normally say no to. I encourage you to not say no. Say Yes, YOU can do this. YOU have it in you to succeed even if it sounds tough. Push yourself to consistently do better, and never stop learning.