Move from Webex to Cadet365 platform

Attention All Cadets, Staff, Volunteers and Parents,

In a move to improve efficiency within the virtual platforms for training, the Chain of Command is implementing the migration to Cadet 365.

Please see the attached instruction sheet to help you complete your personal requirements for this migration.  Help and technical support is available once you read the attached document. If you require further technical assistance, I urge you to consult the FAQ sheet located on the website here: (  *Note – this cannot be done for you by Squadron staff*

All 822 Cadets are to enroll in the Cadets365 platform and email CI Carnochan ( and cc Captain Gibbons ( their cadet specific gmail address.  You need to include your full name and level by December 23, 2021

Failure to update the administration staff will result in no longer having access to our virtual meetings, training resources and activities at both a squadron, regional and national level.  

Your cooperation in this process is appreciated. How-to file is below:

FTX is a GO!

If anyone asks – this weekends FTX is a GO! It’ll be a bit wet, muddy, cold, safe, and FUN! Approval for this activity was updated today. Region of Waterloo is still under 50 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 population so outdoor in person activities are approved. Indoor in person activities are currently on hold. Email below.
Remember that Cadets Canada is an organized group. Cadets are advised to take along an extra mask. Some extra masks will be available on site. As some cadets are new to the Field Training experience the staff and senior cadets will advise that they stand up for themselves if they feel ill, cold, need to change into dry clothes, etc. It’s very imperative that all cadet follow the kit list provided with the permission form. Cadets will adhere to COVID-19 protocols: sanitize hands before and after eating, using the washroom; maintaining 2m distance. The object of this exercise is to build new experiences, learn new skills, and to have an overall FUN and SAFE weekend.
822 is one of the few units that is able to host such activities, even during these trying times. The Waterloo International Airport has granted us use of the treed area where the WRPS canines used to train. Outside of not being able to light fires, we can do anything else while making minimal negative impact on the surrounding wooded area when we’re done. Including building different kinds of shelters to orienteering. Into the New Year we’re hoping to restart Aerospace because the sky is no longer the limit – outer space is. For those still on the fence about attending the FTX – just do it, even if you can only make it out for one day.
From: +CJR RCSU CENTRAL / URSC CENTRE <>Sent: Friday, December 3, 2021 2:41 PMTo: Wilson Capt BA <>Cc: Vos Lt(N) KE <>Subject: In Person Trg Request: RCACS 822 / 2021-11-05 – Approved
RCACS 822 request for in-person training is Approved
CC/Sqn to ensure they monitor changing conditions within their PHU prior to conducting approved activities.
INDOOR activities paused – 3 Dec 21 Request for re approval, Sqn had wrong dates.
Details as follows:
Supported Day
Date: 2021-12-04 to 2021-12-05Time: 0830-1630
Description of Training:Two day Field Training Exercise. Both days 0830-1630h. Parents to drop off and pickup their cadet(s) each day. Seeking MRE support for lunches.
Facility: LHQ; Cadet Youth Development Centre, 14-4881 Fountain St. N.. Breslau, ON N0B1M0, Breslau, ONVenue: Indoors and outdoors
Personnel:CAF: 5Cadets: 45Dress: CADPAT/FTU
Cadets will remain in their cohort/level for the duration of the training. Training will be all weather with emphasis on outdoor training. We have access to an open centre outdoor training area surrounded by trees to teach shelter building, out door survival, orienteering, and other related POs. Cadets will wear FTU’s and staff will ensure health measures are in place including all personnel wearing NMMs and maintaining distance.
Any additional details which helps in approving the request:Landlord will be on site throughout the day to sanitize common areas/washrooms. Emergency vehicle will be implemented should anyone require going from the field area to the LHQ as it’s a 15min walk, versus 2min drive. First aid officer is Capt Gibbons. Radios will be used with all cohorts/levels.

Submitted by Wilson Capt BAReviewed by Vos Lt(N) KERecommended by Martin LCdr JNApproved by McCue Maj CJ on Friday, December 3, 2021 (Vos Lt(N) KE)