Move from Webex to Cadet365 platform

Attention All Cadets, Staff, Volunteers and Parents,

In a move to improve efficiency within the virtual platforms for training, the Chain of Command is implementing the migration to Cadet 365.

Please see the attached instruction sheet to help you complete your personal requirements for this migration.  Help and technical support is available once you read the attached document. If you require further technical assistance, I urge you to consult the FAQ sheet located on the website here: (  *Note – this cannot be done for you by Squadron staff*

All 822 Cadets are to enroll in the Cadets365 platform and email CI Carnochan ( and cc Captain Gibbons ( their cadet specific gmail address.  You need to include your full name and level by December 23, 2021

Failure to update the administration staff will result in no longer having access to our virtual meetings, training resources and activities at both a squadron, regional and national level.  

Your cooperation in this process is appreciated. How-to file is below: