Decoration Day – Info!

Decoration Day. Legion Br 126 has requested the presence of cadets to assist in cleaning up the Park Lawn Cemetery. June 26.

If you can participate email Capt Wilson at subject “Decoration Day”

0900h – show up ready to work (there will be spray paint involved to repaint Legion member grave plaques); gloves and paint is provided. Wear OLD shoes, and OLD appropriate civilian clothing.
With enough hands this can be accomplished quicker. Usually we have 12-16 cadets present. This activity was postponed in 2020 until this year.

1130h – cadets to return to CYDC to change into uniform

1200h – cadets to have lunch at CYDC

1300h – cadets return to Park Lawn Cemetery for Decoration Day service

1500h – service concludes

a. This activities can go toward community service hours;

b. Lunch will be MRE (meal ready to eat);

c. Cadets are permitted to take along their own snacks;

d. Cadets are to take a refillable water bottlee.

This is often a rain or shine event; so be prepared.

What will cadets be doing exactly?

Cadets will be using wire brushes to remove dirt and debris from legion plaques. These plaques are placed beside the grave stones of past Legion members. Each plaque is about 10″ x 14″ and made of a solid metal material. They are pushed into the soil so lawn mowers don’t hit them. Adults on site or senior cadets will use a shovel to pull the plaques up from the ground. Over the decades these plaques pit and rust, so we go in with our wire brushes and paint cans to renew them with a fresh finish.
There are roughly 100 plaques throughout the cemetery. As a group, we will move from area to area until the whole cemetery ground has been covered. As with each year passing, the number of plaques within the cemetery increases. The more hands we have on site the smoother this will go.

What is a Decoration Day?

Decoration Day was a tradition started over 132 years ago as a precursor to Remembrance Day. Although it has been overshadowed by Remembrance Day, it is still an occasion that the Royal Canadian Legion recognizes.

Who else will be there?For the ceremony portion only, members of city council, and regional council are invited to attend and say a few words.