Squadron Training / Activity Dates

Scheduled Dates for 822 Tutor Squadron 2022/2023 Training year. Dates are tentative pending approval.

Post last updated 15 Sept 2022 at 1815h.

Monday Sept 12,19, 26 and Oct 3, 2022 Orienteering Team Practice

Wednesday Sept 14, 2022, C.O Parade Promotions*

Sunday Sept 25, 2022, Gliding – *cancelled* – new event 0800-1600h at CYDC

Saturday October 15, 2022, Air CadCon- CYDC- Fundraiser SSC

Saturday October 15, 2022, Orienteering RDA SWOA- Pinehurst Conservation-Ayr

Monday Oct 17, 2022, Start of Search and Rescue Training nights

Saturday/Sunday Oct 29 & 30, 2022-Overnight Joint FTX 822Sqdn/94 Corps-Onsite CYDC

Sat/Sun Oct 29,30, 2022, Poppy Campaign -Preston Legion

Sat Sun Nov 5, 6, 2022 Poppy Campaign -Preston Legion

Thursday/Friday Nov 10/11, 2022, Overnight Remembrance Vigil- Preston Cenotaph

Sat/Sun Nov 19/20, 2022, RDA SWOA Biathlon

Tues Nov 22, 2022, Cadet Exchange Training night with 94 Warspite

Friday Dec 16, 2022, Joint Mess dinner 822/94 at CYDC

Tuesday Dec 20/Wed Dec 21, 2022, First Aid Training CYDC- Spots for 18

January 13 to 15, 20223 Preston Hockey Tournament- SSC Fundraiser

March 17 to 19, 20223 March Break Trip 822/94 Haida, Sub, Planes, Brant Museum

Saturday May 13, 20223 Gliding Centrailia- half day -15 cadets

May 27 to 29, 2023 Memorial Day Celeron New York-Post 777 and CAP

Saturday June 3, 2022 ACR 822

Wednesday June 14, 2022- Change of Command/Sunset Parade 822

Great cadets! 822 Activity Update

Back in April 2022, cadets pooled their ideas and what they would like to see more of. I’m sure cadets often think these efforts at putting ideas together are a waste, when it’s just the opposite. Squadron staff constantly mull over a lot of documents week to week. As we attempt to incorporate more hands on training even on Wednesday evenings, it’s not always possible. What is possible is incorporating it into our training on other days.

As was announced last night, gliding on 25 Sept is again cancelled for reasons outside of our control. Currently, staff are in process to create a hands on and fun experience on that day, at our own airport!
More information will be forthcoming as the staff don’t like last minute changes either!

Parents, you’re welcome to pool your ideas together as well, especially when it comes to available activities in the local area that cadets can participate in and enjoy. In some cases, DND (Department of National Defence) will cover some of the cost. Another thing to keep in mind, depending on the activity planning is required to start 60 days in advance for approval.Any questions can be directed to the appropriate staff member. This post is cross-posted onto the website.