Range Qualification Signs-Ups now available at the unit!

Range Qualification Sign-ups are available TONIGHT!

Starting tomorrow evening (more dates below).

Range nights are to get cadets qualified as per Cadet Administrative & Training Orders (CATO) 14-41 Authorized Rifle Training. Parents are asked to remain on site due to the short duration of this activity (save on that petrol!).Each cadet is required to fire the air rifle once a year. Your cadet can only sign up for one qualification. Once Qualifications are done for all cadets Lt Sych will look into putting together a range team into the New Year!

Cadets will be given a firearm safety brief prior to them holding a rifle. Cadets who fail to adhere to the orders given by the Range Safety Officer (RSO) will be pulled from the activity.There are two time slots per range night. Each qualification shoot requires approximately 40-50minutes. There are two blocks so be sure when your cadet signs up they also note the time slot. 1830-1930h & 1930-2030h.

Any questions can be directed to our primary RSO, Lt Sych. Contact info is on the website. www.822tutor.caAvailable Range Qualification nights – all Thursday. If a Thursday does not work I’ll try to squeeze in an alternate evening, or a time on a weekend.Oct 6, 27;Nov 3, 17, 24Dec 1, 8, 15