tonight’s training is cancelled due to poor weather.

All, due to heavy snow, low visibility, and whiteout conditions now until tomorrow morning, cadet training tonight is cancelled.

Instructors – classes will resume the following week. Be kind, and shovel for your parents/grandparents, somebody, anybody. Great opportunity to get some exercise in; skiing; sledding; making a snowman out of a sibling!

Be safe and see everyone next week.

Preston International Hockey Tournament!!

PIHT is back! Schedule is attached. If you’re able to attend any of the below shifts (or two) that would be fantastic. The schedule came out late, so apologies on this. You’re able to collect community service hours for high school! Both arena locations are in Cambridge. Further direction will be given out on Wed 11 Jan.

Uniform/dress to be announced; take a refillable water bottle & snacks. Cadets staying all day will be given a lunch from the arena cafe. Cadets will take part in assisting with handing out trophies, awards, and other light tasks. If you want to put your name in for a shift, please do so in MS Teams. The cut off will be 10 Jan at 2000h, remaining spots will be available to sign up in person 11 Jan.