***22 Feb Regular Training Cancelled***

All, to best err on caution as heavy snow fall is expected around our travelling hour 500-630pm, followed by freezing rain until early tomorrow morning, so regular training for tonight is cancelled and will resume 1 March 2023. Optional activities are still as scheduled. 25 Feb Junior day is still as scheduled.

1 March – photo night; DEU.

Any level 4’s who were scheduled for their evaluation, note that it is pushed forward a week.

I’ll post to Teams and the website momentarily. Spread the word to any/all who need to know.

Capt Wilson

**** 22 Wed Training update ****


Photo night has been pushed forward to 1 March 2023. Photo packages will be due that evening, cash only.

Change of dress is now FTU for Wed 22 Feb 2023.

Due to incoming inclement weather, this Wednesdays training may be cancelled. I’ll publish more tomorrow around noon, and copy it to the website.

Stay tuned.