822 Update 1 Sept 2020

All, as we ramp up for virtual training, I ask all cadets to attempt to login for the lessons for their appropriate level. If a cadet was a level 3 last year, they are level 4 this training year, etc. That said, virtual training for September will be complimentary (not mandatory). Detachment has set out that cadet mandatory training will be cut in half due to limited in person activities come October. Maximum attendance is encouraged even for complimentary lessons. Once we return to in person training, mandatory lessons will be taught.

For those who are unable to wear a mask, a face shield is permitted. The CYDC will post signs around the building entrance and exit and they must be adhered to. Due to capacity limitations parents will not be able to enter the building. Each cadet will have to check in and out at the respective door.

As stated in a previous update the canteen will be closed. Washrooms will be open although we suggest using the washroom before leaving home and using the CYDC washroom for emergency use. There will be water on site to fill water bottles only. Disposable cups have been removed. Cadets will be issued a chair to use for the duration of the parade night with masking tape and their name upon arrival.

Any cadet who does not adhere to the safety guidelines will wait outside the building for parent/guardian pickup.

822 Updates 1 Sept 2020




Further to the direction provided in Task Order 002, amplification has been provided in response to a query asking is it would be permitted for a cadet or member to wear a face shield in lieu of a non-medical mask while attending in-person training.

Response from the RCMLO:

“Although a face shield provides some protection, they are not as effective as cloth masks. Face shields are not tight fitting, they leave open space around the nose/chin and are just not as effective at stopping the spread of respiratory droplets as a mask. There is currently not enough evidence to support the effectiveness of face shields for source control therefore a face shield is not a recommended substitute for a mask.”

Based on the above advice, unless there is a medical reason/condition for not wearing a mask that has been reviewed by the RCMLO, all cadets attending in person meetings will wear a face mask as the current COVID policy directs.

Individuals who are unable to wear a NMM, for any reason, may continue to participate in virtual training opportunities.


Lieutenant-Commander / Captaine de corvette John Metcalfe, CD

J3 Officer in Charge Southwestern Ontario Area, Regional Cadet Support Unit (Central)



  1. With the conclusion of the VCTCs, each cadet who registered with a valid email address should have received their certificate last week with a link to a participant survey.
  2. It is possible that some cadets have not received an email due to various circumstances. A PDF copy of each certificate, with the CC/Sqn and cadet’s name as the file name, has been generated, divided by courses and stored on the CCO intranet here
  3. Corps and Squadrons staff can retrieve certificates for cadets who did not receive them by email.
  4. All requests and questions from Corps and Squadrons staff regarding missing or incorrect certificates should be directed to J7Trg-J7Ent@cadets.gc.ca


  1. Suite à la conclusion des CECV, chaque cadet qui s’est inscrit avec une adresse de courriel valide devrait avoir reçu son certificat la semaine dernière avec un lien vers un sondage des participants.
  2. Il est possible que certains cadets n’aient pas reçu de courriel en raison de diverses circonstances. Une copie PDF de chaque certificat, avec le CC/Esc et le nom du cadet à titre de nom de fichier, a été générée, divisée par cours et placée sur l’intranet du REOCC ici
  3. Le personnel des corps et escadrons peuvent récupérer les certificats pour les cadets qui ne les ont pas reçus par courriel.
  4. Toutes les demandes et questions du personnel des corps et escadrons concernant les certificats manquants ou incorrects doivent être adressées à  J7Trg-J7Ent@cadets.gc.ca