DATES last updated 25 Mar 2022


Last updated 25 MAR 2022; 1305h23

April – Drill Day (all cadets); cadet issued boots preferred. Cadets can take shoes along as a backup.

30 Apr – 1 May – Spring FTX Permission form and kit list will be out 30 March 2022.

7 May – Famil Flight (London). All cadets are signed up automatically. If you cannot attend let Capt Gibbons know. Timings will be announced once available. Cadets will be bussed from the CYDC building to the London Airport. Lunch included.

14 May – Girls can Fly! Cadets are encouraged to make their presence known as we will have a table set up in the Waterloo Wellington Flight hangar near Runways Cafe. Cadets are to take a refillable water bottle & snacks or lunch.

4 Jun – ACR Mandatory for all cadets and staff to attend. This is an all day parade. Dry run in the morning and the formal parade in the afternoon with light reception after depending on COVID restrictions. To be held in Hangar 33, by the Fliteline Terminal. Details and location map will be provided as the date gets closer.

8 (or 15, TBA) Jun – Sunset Parade – All cadets! This is the last parade night of the year often with more awards to hand out.

Current Fundraiser(s):Stemmler Meats; order form and money due 30 March 2022! This was extended one week.

Optional Training:

Range – Select Monday evenings; cadets must sign up;

Drill Team – select Thursday evenings; all cadets are welcome to attend;

SAR – Select Monday evenings (virtual at this time).Any changes to this post will be marked by a new date change above.