Return to Virtual Training!

All, new orders from HQ just now. As of 12:01AM tomorrow 24 Nov 2021, we are training virtually, including tomorrow night.
Instructors can make the proper preparations for a virtual platform. Any issues touch base with either myself or Capt Gibbons. The WebEx platform link and password are the same (info below). Any technical problems can be directed to myself. If you want to log in early to the Webex and test your document sharing / audio, etc, let me know by 1700h tomorrow. All cadets must sign in using rank and last name at a minimum. Any odd names will not be allowed on the WebEx for attendance purposes.

FTX update – As this exercise will be conducted outdoors, it is NOT cancelled. Permission forms not already handed in can be done electronically to CI Carnochan or Capt Gibbons. Email addresses are on the website. Further details to be announced.

Range – Thursday range is cancelled and will resume when permission is granted.
Capt Wilson

Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2021 3:42 PM
Subject: SWOA Decision Tool / Updated Tracker  

Ref: email RCSU Central COS COVID metrics for in-person activities dated Mon 2021-11-22 12:18 PM (NOTAL)

SWOA Corps/Sqn COs:

1.       As we continue to progress through this pandemic, we are adapting our approach with improved metrics and risk tolerances. As you are all aware, the Ontario COVID 19 case counts are increasing. We are introducing an updated decision tool for use by you and the Area Staff in order to make sound risk decisions in response to evolving virus conditions.

2.       The new guidance in accordance with ref is as follows:

a.       Indoor activities will pause if:

                                                   i.      Point Prevalence (PP) is above 0.5%, OR

                                                 ii.      Likelihood of Missed Infection (LMI) is above 10%

b.      Outdoor activities will pause if:

                                                   i.      PP is above 3.0%

c.       If numbers surpass the thresholds above (para 2 a. and b.), a further comprehensive review will be conducted by the Zone Training Officer. Some factors that will be taken into consideration are:

                                                   i.      location of outbreaks / cases;

                                                 ii.      whether facilities require vaccinations or not;

                                                iii.      COVID activity in local schools;

                                               iv.      Ability to lower the number of participants;

                                                 v.      Ability to increase physical distancing;

                                               vi.      Ability to adhere and tighten public health measures (PHMs);

                                              vii.      Advice from local PHUs and Senior Medical Advisor (SMA); and

                                            viii.      Corps/Sqn CO’s local knowledge of outbreaks and hot spots.

3.       As COVID 19 activity increases in our AOR, and with the implementation of this new process, I am issuing the following direction:

a.       The following Public Health Unit (PHU) will pause indoor in-person training effective 12:01 AM 24 November 2021 (and until further notice).

                                                   i.      Windsor-Essex Health Unit:

                                                 ii.      Chatham-Kent Health Unit:

                                                iii.      Huron Perth Health Unit;

                                               iv.      Southwestern Public Health Unit; (already paused)

                                                 v.      Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit; (already paused)

                                               vi.      Brant County Health Unit; and

                                              vii.      Region of Waterloo Public Health Unit.

b.      Approved outdoor activities may continue to proceed.

4.       The authority, responsibility and accountability (ARA) to proceed/continue with in-person once it has been approved by the CO RCSU rests with the Area OC. It is imperative that the COVID 19 pandemic continue to be monitored after an activity is approved. Corps/Sqn COs are responsible for conducting a review IAW the SWOA Decision Tool (attached). While a set-back to indoor in-person training, the safety of the cadets and staff in the CCO is our primary focus.

5.       If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Zone Training Officer.

Thank-you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

LCdr / Capc  JN Martin, CD

Officer Commanding, Southwestern Ontario Area, Regional Cadet Support Unit (Central)

Canadian Armed Forces