13 May General Update

All, the website has been updated to reflect optional training end dates. If it looks the ‘same’, be sure to refresh your browser in order to verify the dates.
Dates are also listed on the pinned post. The pinned post might be hard to spot on a mobile device as it’s often hidden until you choose to expand it.
Further event info has been added for ACR and Sunset Parade on the calendar. I’m still waiting on some final details for ACR and Challenger Centre.
Fitness testing! Participating is mandatory at least once per training year. If you do not attend you risk not getting promoted or advancing to the next level this fall. 15 & 17 May. If you did not attend one of the last two sessions you must attend one of these this week.
Range this Tuesday is for the Range Team only due to limited staff.
Aerospace will continue until the Challenger Centre Trip.
SAR continues to tomorrow night.
Celoron, NY – The list is based off of merit; optional activities attended since Sept 2017. Every year it’s a hard thing to post as we’re limited on the amount of cadets who can attend (not our rule, just to clarify, it comes direct from Borden). I was caught up tending to other matters but I will try to post the list this evening. If a cadet on the list can’t make it for the weekend, it gets passed to the next eligible cadet. The staff forward the activity attendances to the sponsoring committee who then compiles the list so there is minimal room for error, and no bias. To save further administrative work the list will be published 1-30. Each number will have a cadets last name (perhaps first initial) beside it. Numbers 1-26 are guaranteed a seat. 27-30 are on stand by. If a cadet wishes to be removed from the list, I’ll add a further name in italics so as to reflect the change. Permission forms will be forthcoming this Wednesday. They will not be available to download from the website – paper copy at the unit only. As this is an international trip the parental consent form is longer than the usual two pages. Questions regarding the Celoron trip can be addressed Wed night.
GENERAL NOTE: For the 2018-2019 training year some of our optional activities may change operating nights. Band will knowingly move to Monday evening due to schedule of the instructors. Flag/Guard and SAR may change as well to best utilize staff supervision. This will be discussed more over the summer.
SUMMER CAMPS: Cadets who are on Stand-By, you can get called to attend camp even a few days after the camp has started. Those who have yet to be selected, hold tight as Information will be posted as soon as it becomes available. Staff are checking every other day for new offers.
Now, go yee young cadets and treat your moms how you do even outside of Mothers’ Day, with the utmost respect and dignity they deserve.

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