Cadets returns 6 Sept 2017! Interested in joining? Read more info here!

For returning cadets: Dress is tour dress. Any changes, such as updated health card, let 2Lt Mora know. There is a BBQ!

Cadet training coincides with the school year.

RECRUIT NIGHT!!! 6 SEPTEMBER 2017 6:30-9pm. Meet some cadets, staff, and get an overview on what 822 Squadron has to offer! Regular and optional training is discussed, along with summer camp opportunities (no charge to cadets!), and create a life long experience that will stay with your child forever! There is also a BBQ!

If you’re not of age to join by Sept, don’t fret! We accept new recruits throughout the training year (Sept – June!). We meet for regular training Wed evenings, 6:30-9:30pm, outside of holidays.

Interested in a future aviation career, or to grow your knowledge base in an air element? Air Cadets offers several fields of study from Aerodromes, Navigation, Citizenship, Principles of Flight, Power and Glider Flying Scholarships, to paid summer camps and more!

The best part for parents is that Air Cadets is FREE TO JOIN!

Air Cadets offers youth aged 12-18 the opportunity to learn, to serve, and to advance themselves at their own pace. Summer courses are also available in various fields of study. They are held on Canadian Forces Air Force Bases throughout Ontario, and offer a fantastic experience to not only learn new things, but to meet other people with similar interests. Cadets attending summer courses also get remunerated for their time!

At 822 Squadron we offer several optional programs. Our regular training is every Wednesday evening throughout the school year (except holidays) from 6:30 – 9:30pm.

Cadets who are older and wish to join, there is a FastTrack program that will bring them up to speed so they can stay among cadets their own age. Each year in cadets is represented by a level. First year cadets is level 1, second year is level 2, and so on. Level five is the highest achievable level. In level three, cadets get more involved with drill, aviation studies, leadership and instructional techniques. This is also a great way to accumulate community service hours for High School Credit.

Optional Activities include:
Band – Pipes & Drums (Provincial Competition available)
Flag Party
Honour Guard
Range (Provincial Competition available)
Effective Speaking/Debate Team (Provincial Competition available)
Drill Team (Provincial Competition available)
Aerospace – only facility in Canada that offers such a program!

If your son/daughter is interested in becoming an 822 Air Cadet, or if you have any questions please contact Lieutenant Brian Wilson via our contact page, or better yet, come visit us on any Wednesday night (except holidays!) between 6:30-9:30 pm starting 6th SEPT 2017! To join, we do require a copy of a valid health card and birth certificate which we can copy on site.

The worst thing I hear graduated Air Cadets say is that they didn’t join soon enough!

Cadets offers military based training in drill, dress, and deportment. Cadets is supervised by seasoned Canadian Forces Reserve Officers and volunteers. Many of our volunteers specialize in areas of aviation and aerospace studies.

We’re located at the Cadet Youth Development Centre, at the Waterloo International Airport off of Fountrain St N, Breslau, ON. Upon entering the Airport, we are located in the second building to the left.

“To Learn – To Serve – To Advance”

6 thoughts on “Cadets returns 6 Sept 2017! Interested in joining? Read more info here!

    1. Hi Jason, Tour Dress consists of either beige khaki shorts or pants, worn with the Squadron shirt (dark blue golf shirt). It distinguishes our cadets when out in the public, as well as at the building during various training activities that don’t require C2b or C1 dress.

      Brian Wilson
      2Lt, TrgO

  1. Hello!
    My daughter is 14, turning 15 in July and is very interested in a future that involves aviation. I have landed on your website through the WW Flight centre when we registered for the upcoming Women in Aviation Day.
    Can you tell me when the next opportunity to enroll in cadets is? I think this is something my daughter would be very interested in but I’d like to have more details.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance,
    Marinette Fargo

    1. Hi! Come out any Wednesday 6:30pm 2Lt Mora (our admin officer)) can over the details of enrollment. Our next parade night is Wed May 17.

      -Lt Wilson

  2. Hi, my son is interested in joining. I’m wondering if there is a trial period after which he can confirm if he’d like to stay in the program or not?

    1. Hi there! There is no set trial program. Uniforms are issued out after 4 weeks so if he decides it’s not right for him, there’s no minimum time he has to be enrolled. We encourage everyone to commit at least three months, so he will see all the different things air cadets has to offer. As we are located at an airport we do regular tours. We try to utilize our location to the best extent possible. You’re welcome to come out Sept 6 for our recruit info session 7-8pm!

      Brian Wilson
      Lieutenant, 822 RCACS DCO

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