Hockey Tournament Info for 12-13 Jan 2019!

Preston International Hockey Tournament! Note that contact info is at the bottom of this post as well as on the website
What is it? – The PIHT consists of roughly 70 teams throughout North America who come together to compete against each other for the top spots! It’s held at multiple arena’s, primarily in Cambridge throughout Saturday and Sunday.
Why help out? – It’s added community service hours, and 822 Squadron has been assisting with the tournament for well over a decade. The squadron does receive a small percentage of the overall entry fees collected. In some years, it has exceeded $10,000. This is one of our larger fundraisers of the year. For some of the shifts that are a bit shorter in duration, parents are encouraged to stay on site and mingle! Or if you prefer to drive away with a smile after dropping your cadet off, make sure you come back later for pickup, preferably with a smile.
What will my cadet do? – LOTS, even though it is rather relaxed atmosphere. Cadets will move the boxes of goodie bags they put together into various locker rooms in teams as the games progress. Cadets will also hand out trophies to the players, plus several other various tasks (guarding trophies for instance).
Will my cadet eat? – Yes! A lunch is included with a drink for all shifts over 4 hours in duration. A water bottle is also recommended and can be refilled on site. Lunch differs depending on the area and the tournament coordinator; anything from mixed canteen (hot dog, hamburger) to pizza. If your cadet has dietary restrictions, let the staff know.
What will my cadet wear? C2 uniform, or tour dress if you have no uniform. Both with appropriate cool weather clothing (remember, they’ll be in an arena).
Who do I contact if I need to pick up my cadet early? – Each arena will have a supervising officer that will be published closer to the time of the event, as well as published here, well, not HERE, down farther.
Which arenas will be utilized? – This won’t be known until closer to the tournament. Common arenas that have been used in the past include Preston, Karl Homuth, Galt, Kitchener Auditorium & Kitchener SportsPlex.
Home Arena – Preston is the main arena throughout the tournament. The tournament coordinator, sale table, larger canteen, are all located there. Friday, the tournament lead is Marty, at the Kitchener Auditorium, it’s the only arena that hosts games throughout the day on Friday.
Saturday & Sunday – Cambridge Centre 0800-1230h & Preston Arena 0800-1930.
All day, as well as morning and afternoon shifts will be available.
Parents encouraged to sign up as well!
Dress: C2 with overcoat, gloves (toque optional, wedge is necessary)
Cadets attending all day may have a hot dog and a drink at the arena canteen. Cadets are encouraged to take some snacks and a water bottle.
Officer In Charge (OIC) for Saturday: OCdt Gibbons 519-465-3875 (cell)
Officer In Charge (OIC) for Sunday: Capt Wilson 519-240-2094 (cell)
Sponsoring Committee Member (cadet and adult schedule maintainer) Al Gowing 519-212-3560 (cell)
If you cannot make it out, let the appropriate OIC know. If you want to confirm your shift, call Al Gowing.
-Capt Wilson

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