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822 WEBSITE:  Check out the Calendar to see what is happening each month.  The address is P lease check in and refer to it often.

A question came up this week about uniform dress each week, as the website was not up to date.  Here is a link for what all the numbered uniform dress options look like… /dress-regulations/dress-numbe red/

Routine dress most weeks is C2 (or C2B during warmer weather), with the exception of the last Wednesday of each month, CO’s parade, which is C1.  Special nights may be civilian wear, but those will be noted in advance.  

Cadets should also be notified of the current week’s dress via weekly phone calls from their flight sergeants.  If your cadet is not receiving a phone call weekly, they need to address this with their flight sergeant, or with the Squadron Commander.


Upcoming events

November 18 – Breslau Food Drive 8:30am-12pm – cadets go door to door in Breslau to collect donations for the food bank.  Sign up sheet was available last week, but we are always looking for extra hands.  Parents can also help out with driving.  Drop off and pick-up is at CYDC.

November 29 – Parent meeting and Squadron photos after CO’s parade

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 Giftcards through Fundscrip!    

These are the same gift cards you would buy in store, that you purchase at face value, and our squadron gets a small percentage back from the company. Everything from groceries, gas, restaurants, fast food, retail stores and more!!   
We will be doing another order before Christmas as well, but this is a good opportunity to get gift cards to do your regular, everyday shopping, for Christmas shopping, and as Christmas gifts!  

Order forms went out last Wednesday, due back November 29.  Please have money and forms in to the canteen at the beginning of the night!

You can find extra copies at the Squadron, or print at home from the link on the website or Facebook page.

Ask your friends, family, neighbors, share on Facebook, etc.  

Also, if you or anyone you know work for a company that buys gift cards for employees for Christmas, bonuses, incentives, etc., For any Corporate orders, please e-mail Tracey directly, will arrange those orders separately.

OPC TICKETS OPC tickets are ready in the Canteen for pick up.  Please see Joanne

at the Canteen at the beginning of the night.


This year Cadets must pre- pay $60.00 per book of tickets. Once

you sell the tickets the money is yours. When they are sold,

please return the book of stubs intact to the Canteen. Do not

return any unsold tickets. They are yours. If you have any

questions please see the Cadet Staff, Joanne, David Gowing.


This is mandatory for every cadet to sell at least 1 book so

if your Cadet hasn’t paid for one and brought it home to

sell, then please do so this week.


PARENT MEETING:  Next Parent meeting is November 29th

 The last Wednesday of every month, coinciding with the C.O.’s

parade, will be our parent meeting night.  These meetings will

last anywhere from 30 mins – 2 hours, depending on what is

happening and how much information we have to give, as well as

how many questions you need answers to :) We want you to be

as informed as possible, so being at these meetings is very

important!  We look forward to seeing you there :)


RHEO THOMPSON MINT SMOOTHIES:  Available in the canteen for $2 per smoothie.  You can purchase individually or if you would like a package of 5 done up in a nice bag for a gift for someone, let me know and I can get that made up for you . 


Parking:  When coming to the CYDC to drop off or pick up your cadet, please be advised

that there is no parking allowed on the roadway.  You can either park in our

parking lot or the lower parking lot towards the airport.  If there is nothing going

on at the Great Lakes Helicopter building, you may park there also.


Remember this is your parent committee, new ideas and suggestions are always welcome and especially how communication is delivered.




Ray Lavoie

Tracey Anderson

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