Range Update as of 11 Jan 2019

Here are the results for Tuesday’s range team trials for the Tartan Shoot.

Overall Top Seven:
1. Heit
2. Juvatopolos
3. Palmer
4. Fitzsimmons
5. Nigh
6. Shnitsar
7. Engel

Top Prone:
1. Fitzsimmons
2. Engel
3. Juvatopolos

Top Standing:
1. Heit
2. Juvatopolos
3. Palmer

Congratulations to those who made the top seven. If you would like to know what your score was then please feel free to come ask me on Tuesday. I will not post the scores on here in case anyone is not comfortable with others knowing their score.

For the next two practices leading up to the Tartan Shoot, only the top seven will be allowed to come out to range. For those who did not make the top seven, I welcome you to please start coming back out on January 29th.

WO1 Fitzsimmons

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