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Cadet Virtual Training Fitness Assessment: There are two parts; the information (how-to!) is in the Information PDF below. For some reason it scanned in reverse so start at the bottom and work your way up. Part two is the assessment. Have a parent assist in keeping track of your numbers. Questions can be directed to Lt Gibbons.

Cadet Virtual Training Assessment: 822 Tutor Cadets Virtual Fitness Test Assessment 

Cadet Virtual Training Information: 822VirtualFitnessTesting

Sat 30 Jan 2021 Schedule:

1000-1125 Level 1 and 2 – E.O 100 P.S.R.Y – 2Lt Gelbard;
1140-1220 Level 2- M230.01 Discuss Aircraft Flown During WW1 and WW2-WO2 Anderson;
1225-1300 Level 3- M337.02 Determine a Position on a visual Flight Ruler- FSgt Shnitsar;
1300-1330 Level 3 C337.01 Operate a Radio for Aviation Transmission- FSgt White;

1330-1450 Level 4 M400 P.S.R,Y 2Lt Gelbard.

CAP March Break sign up is available. Emphasis on level 1 and 2 cadets and intended to be an in person activity although if not, it will be virtual CAP Cadet Flyer (Collective Trg Sites)! If interested email Capt Wilson or Capt Mazur to apply – contact info on Contact page.

Cadet Information Portal:

Instructional Guides (IG) & Qualification and Standards Plan (QSP) for each level:
A-CR-CCP-801-PF-001 Level 1 IG
A-CR-CCP-801-PG-001 Level 1 QSP
A-CR-CCP-802-PF-001 Level 2 IG
A-CRC-CP-802-PG-001 Level 2 QSP
A-CR-CCP-803-PF-001 Level 3 IG
A-CR-CCP-803-PG-001 Level 3 QSP
A-CR-CCP-804-PF-001 Level 4 IG
A-CR-CCP-804-PG-001 Level 4 QSP
A-CR-CCP-805-PF-001 Level 5 IG
A-CR-CCP-805-PG-001 Level 5 QSP
A-CR-CCP-805-PW-001 Level 5 WorkBook

Ground School

Please direct your candidates to register for the class at

Observers are cadets meeting all the requirements except one. Usually this is age for cadets born between September 02 and December 30.

2020 Ground School Requirements


CI J O’Connor

Summer Training

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Virtual Training

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