16 Dec 2020 Mess Dinner Info

This year our Mess Dinner will be virtual. WO2 Anderson will be taking lead and running the event.On Wed 16 Dec 2020 at 1830 hours we will commence a virtual Mess Dinner.Dress: C8 Mess dress (white shirt and bow tie if you have it, if not, C1 dress applies);

Location: your residence;

WebEx: Usual Wed night Webex link. A camera is preferred so as to take full advantage of the Mess Dinner experience. Be mindful that your camera background is neutral. Code of conduct and COVID-19 practices will apply;

Duration: 1830-1930h. Yes, this evening will end earlier due to the dinner and no scheduled classes after;

Meal: Preferably you have one of each food group cooked to eat for 1830h. If not, any food will do. A mess dinner in person, the meal is provided however we have to work with what we have, or rather what you have;

Drinks: Be sure to pour some juice, water, or other fluid you enjoy, to sip on and for toasts; There may or may not be updated information from the CO before the dinner gets underway.

What’s in it for me you ask?

Lots! This is a great experience and as everything virtual, will be a bit challenging, but there will be some antics and do’s and do-nots for next time. In person, this is a mandatory training activity to attend. Usually a second one occurs on a field training exercise (FTX) which will probably be absent this year, so I encourage you to join in!


Ontario Cadet Co-Op Credit Program

Good Morning Everyone,

I would like to share the good news that this year, the UCDSB-lead program in which cadets in RCSU Central can obtain high school credits during the training year, will be expanded to include all areas of RCSU Central.

Although the program is lead by UCDSB, cadets do not need to be students of that board to participate. Any Ontario high school student in any school board (English, French, Catholic, or Public) may participate as long as they have already obtained at least one high school credit, or will have one credit by the end of June 2021, and reside in Ontario.

How it works is that cadets, once registered, can obtain up to 4 credits per training year based on the work, participation, and attendance of any cadet activity including mandatory, complementary, and optional training. Virtual training is included. For every 90 hours logged with cadet related activities, one credit can be granted. Credits are tailored to match a cadet’s interests and involvement. For example, Phys Ed credits, History credits, and Music credits are all possible, based on what activities the cadet routinely participates. Cadets will also complete the pre-placement assignments and a monthly journal entry.

Attached is the registration form for cadets, as well as an FAQ sheet. I would ask if you can help spread the word by passing these along to cadets and parents within your corps or squadron.

Please let me know if you or any cadets/ parents have any questions.


Sandy McDonald