FTX Followup

Thanks to all of our seniors who put in a lot of time planning and executing this FTX. Just a reminder to check for ticks as there were some present in our field training location. As COVID is still prevalent if you feel ill, test as soon as you can and report any positive tests to Lt Gelbard.

7 May Famil Fly Day – INFO (updated 5 May)

Cadets to be on site at CYDC no later than 1300h. A parent/guardian must sign in each cadet with Capt Gibbons – DO NOT drop your cadet off and leave. Bus leaves at 1330h. Cadets who arrive late will miss the bus. Health card required; to be kept on your cadet. Return time is approx 1830h at the CYDC. If you cannot make it, you are required to inform Capt Gibbons. A final manifest will be posted for this Wednesday. If we’re waiting on medical information, or a cadet hasn’t been in attendance on Wed evenings for 30 days or more, you won’t be on the manifest. If you’re unsure go to the contact page and email Capt Gibbons ASAP.

Cadets can take a water bottle, snacks. Bagged lunch is provided. All items outside of the health card must be kept on the bus. No pins, uniform medals/ribbons, electronics aren’t permitted in the aircraft for safety and security reasons. DND might confiscate non-approved electronics – this is out of our control.

If issued, cadets are required to be in FTU or DEU uniform (see last paragraph for direction if no uniform is able to be issued). CI Palmer is working tirelessly to get remaining cadets outfitted.

It has been decided that if a cadet cannot be fitted for a uniform then black pants and white shirt are authorized for the CAF Famil flights on 7 May 22. If you have any questions please contact me.

–Capt Wilson