Range Qualification Signs-Ups now available at the unit!

Range Qualification Sign-ups are available TONIGHT!

Starting tomorrow evening (more dates below).

Range nights are to get cadets qualified as per Cadet Administrative & Training Orders (CATO) 14-41 Authorized Rifle Training. Parents are asked to remain on site due to the short duration of this activity (save on that petrol!).Each cadet is required to fire the air rifle once a year. Your cadet can only sign up for one qualification. Once Qualifications are done for all cadets Lt Sych will look into putting together a range team into the New Year!

Cadets will be given a firearm safety brief prior to them holding a rifle. Cadets who fail to adhere to the orders given by the Range Safety Officer (RSO) will be pulled from the activity.There are two time slots per range night. Each qualification shoot requires approximately 40-50minutes. There are two blocks so be sure when your cadet signs up they also note the time slot. 1830-1930h & 1930-2030h.

Any questions can be directed to our primary RSO, Lt Sych. Contact info is on the website. www.822tutor.caAvailable Range Qualification nights – all Thursday. If a Thursday does not work I’ll try to squeeze in an alternate evening, or a time on a weekend.Oct 6, 27;Nov 3, 17, 24Dec 1, 8, 15

822 Updates

822 Update 27 Sept 2022

  1. If you have received a Cadets365 email for your cadet, please ensure they login using the temporary password. If they have a Microsoft school account – they need to log out fully or you will have errors. This account is required to be checked at least once a week. Summer camp, and other regionally directed activity information will be passed through this email. If your cadet meets the requirements for ground school – this is the primarily communication channel.
  2. Orienteering on the Regional level was cancelled. Don’t fret – we will host our own competition at the airport, knowingly on the same scheduled day as the competition Sat 15 Oct 2022.
  3. Model Show 15 Oct – cadets are encouraged to enter a model that they have built (no cost). Roughly 6-8 cadets are required to assist with the event – run a recruiting table and just be present during the event. BBQ lunch is included. Let the staff know if there are any dietary restrictions so we can accommodate. More information will be forthcoming.
  4. Cadet manual specific to the air cadet program and what 822 Squadron offers will be published shortly. Hard copies (printed double sided) will be available at the unit as early as this Wed.
  5. Illness – if you feel ill, or have cold/flu/COVID symptoms stay home from cadet activities for at least 3 days. A mask or a face-shield remain optional.
  6. Parents are permitted to attend closing parade at 2100h. Feel free to use the bench area right to the garage door! Cadets are encouraged to takes note of any announcements – they are all provided a paper pad and pen.
  7. As the event this past Sunday was unfortunately cancelled, the staff are in full gear to host another day at the unit to include an aircraft/airport tour, as well as some various fun activities for all Levels.
  8. Parents are welcome to let the staff know of any neat things cadets can do in the Region. We’re always open to ideas and in most cases some costs can be directly covered by DND or the support committee so there’s nothing for cadets (or parents) out of pocket.
  9. We strive to make the cadet experience a positive one. As we approach Remembrance Day there will be a few activities that cadet will be encouraged to attend. It falls during the school schedule and appropriate paperwork will go home for your cadet to take to their school with your permission should they require time off from class. Those cadets are also encouraged to approach their teacher(s) in advance to know what work they will have to catch up on.
  10. That’s all for now! Cross posted on the website