822 Update 21 Oct 2020

Email on virtual courses and fall newsletter (bottom).

Congratulations to FCpl Aung, FCpl Church and WO2 Jensen!

– Capt Wilson

To: +CCO Natl CJCR Sp Gp|CCO Gp S Nat CRJC <NatlCJCRSpGp-GpSNatCRJC@cadets.gc.ca>
Subject: Virtual Courses Now Available – Les cours virtuels sont désormais disponibles   Sent on behalf of Cmdre Kurtz, Comd CJCR // Envoyé au nom du Cmdre Kurtz, Cmdt CRJC   BILINGUAL E-MAIL / COURRIEL BILINGUE   Virtual Courses Now Available   Ref: National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group (Natl CJCR Sp Gp) Summer 2020 Campaign Plan   1.                   In an effort to assist with local corps/squadron virtual training, a selection of the courses from summer 2020 Virtual Cadet Training Centres are now available for local use. 2.                   COATS members and senior cadets are encouraged to visit the extranet under the “Leader Activities” tab to access these courses. 3.                   To be kept up to date with the latest orders, directives and policies, it is critical that staff at the corps and squadron level continue to monitor their CCO-Net email accounts, including their unit positional mailboxes, on a regular basis.   END OF ENGLISH TEXT / DÉBUT DU TEXTE EN FRANÇAIS     Les cours virtuels sont désormais disponibles   Réf.: Plan de campagne du Groupe de soutien national aux Cadets et Rangers Juniors Canadiens (Gp S Nat CRJC) été 2020   1.       Dans le but d’aider à l’entraînement virtuel des corps/escadrons locaux, une sélection de cours des centres d’entraînement virtuels des cadets de l’été 2020 est maintenant disponible pour un usage local. 2.       Les membres du SAOIC et cadets seniors sont encouragés à visiter l’extranet sous l’onglet «Activités Leader» pour accéder à ces cours. 3.       Afin de demeurer à jour en ce qui a trait aux directives, aux politiques et aux ordres les plus récents, il est essentiel que le personnel des corps et escadrons consulte régulièrement leurs boites courriel du REOCC incluant les boites génériques.   

CO’s Parade and Other Important Date Reminders

  1. Virtual C.O.  parades will be Wednesday October 21 and November 18, 2020 from 1830 to 1900.

    Dress is C3.

  2. Flight Commanders will be in touch with Cadets to let them know that they are in their flight. Flight Commanders will be giving weekly calls to cadets to  check in and provide support to the cadets in their flights.

  3. Virtual Mess Dinner December 16, 2020.

    Dress: Mess Dress.

    Details to follow.

  4. October 28 and November 4 , 2020, Level 1 and 2 Virtual Class- Model building Class with Mr Jeremy Cada.

    Level 1 and 2 Cadets need to follow the direction posted on the 822 website to pick up kits.

    If  Level 3, 4 or 5 cadets want to join the class they are welcome to bring their model kits THEY HAVE PURCHASED to the class for helpful instructions.

  5. November 18, 2020 Virtual Class will involve all Levels from 1830 to 2100 hours.

    There will be an interactive presentation on the RAMSARD system that is responsible for the Search and Rescue system in Canada.  The presentation will focus on the resources of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Coast Guard.  The presentation ties directly into the |Aircrew Survival component of the Air Cadet Training program.

All enquiries are to be directed to Lt Gibbons

Model Plane Build Instruction Guidelines for Level 1 and 2

Model Plane Build Instructions

  822 Tutor Air Cadets

Reason for Direction

It is important that all Level 1 and 2 – 822 Air Cadets read and follow the instructions with assistance from their parents.

Due to the inability to train in person at this time at the squadron due to Covid-19, the staff want to create an environment of engagement and educational opportunities. Segments of the training program concentrate on Aviation Studies and Aircraft familiarization. Those learners that learn better by Tactile/Kinaesthetic can some times find virtual learning to be challenging. To assist in helping level 1 and 2 – 822 Air Cadets understand the elements of aviation studies, they will participate in a virtual model airplane build session. The lesson for the model plane build is part of the Air Cadet training program, E.O M130.03 Construct a Model Plane. After completing the plane build the Level 1 and 2 – 822 Air Cadets will have a teaching/Learning Aid for their Aviation Studies classes. The completed Aid will be needed for both virtual sessions and when we return back to unit for in person training.


E.O. M130.03 Construct a Model Airplane.

When: Wednesday October 28, 2020 and Wednesday November 4, 2020 from 1830 to 1930. The class will be taught through the Virtual Webex platform. The link can be connected through the 822 website. The Lesson will be taught by a Subject Matter Expert under the supervision of 822 Staff.


Level 1 and 2 – 822 Air Cadets will be supplied at NO COST to them 1 model aircraft (1:72 Scale) and 1 tube of model glue. Cadets are to be escorted by their parent/guardian to Forbes Hobbies located at Unit 6C- 1600 Industrial Road Cambridge, Ontario. Hours of operation are: Monday and Tuesday Closed, open Wednesday to Sunday from 1200 to 1800 hours. Cadets are to follow Covid-19 Public Health Guidelines when going to the retailer. Cadets under supervision of their parent/guardian are to speak directly to the Owner Jeremy Cada, who will give the cadet 1 kit and 1 tube of model glue at NO COST. Note: The choice of plane is on a first come, first serve basis. While at Forbes Hobbies, if the cadet or parent/guardian wish to purchase paints or other modeling supplies THOSE COST ARE NOT covered by the squadron. The costs of additional supplies will be directly covered by cadet and or parent/guardian.

Staff WILL NOT BE dropping of kits to cadets. Any enquires are to be directed to Lt Gibbons.