Model Plane Build Instruction Guidelines for Level 1 and 2

Model Plane Build Instructions

  822 Tutor Air Cadets

Reason for Direction

It is important that all Level 1 and 2 – 822 Air Cadets read and follow the instructions with assistance from their parents.

Due to the inability to train in person at this time at the squadron due to Covid-19, the staff want to create an environment of engagement and educational opportunities. Segments of the training program concentrate on Aviation Studies and Aircraft familiarization. Those learners that learn better by Tactile/Kinaesthetic can some times find virtual learning to be challenging. To assist in helping level 1 and 2 – 822 Air Cadets understand the elements of aviation studies, they will participate in a virtual model airplane build session. The lesson for the model plane build is part of the Air Cadet training program, E.O M130.03 Construct a Model Plane. After completing the plane build the Level 1 and 2 – 822 Air Cadets will have a teaching/Learning Aid for their Aviation Studies classes. The completed Aid will be needed for both virtual sessions and when we return back to unit for in person training.


E.O. M130.03 Construct a Model Airplane.

When: Wednesday October 28, 2020 and Wednesday November 4, 2020 from 1830 to 1930. The class will be taught through the Virtual Webex platform. The link can be connected through the 822 website. The Lesson will be taught by a Subject Matter Expert under the supervision of 822 Staff.


Level 1 and 2 – 822 Air Cadets will be supplied at NO COST to them 1 model aircraft (1:72 Scale) and 1 tube of model glue. Cadets are to be escorted by their parent/guardian to Forbes Hobbies located at Unit 6C- 1600 Industrial Road Cambridge, Ontario. Hours of operation are: Monday and Tuesday Closed, open Wednesday to Sunday from 1200 to 1800 hours. Cadets are to follow Covid-19 Public Health Guidelines when going to the retailer. Cadets under supervision of their parent/guardian are to speak directly to the Owner Jeremy Cada, who will give the cadet 1 kit and 1 tube of model glue at NO COST. Note: The choice of plane is on a first come, first serve basis. While at Forbes Hobbies, if the cadet or parent/guardian wish to purchase paints or other modeling supplies THOSE COST ARE NOT covered by the squadron. The costs of additional supplies will be directly covered by cadet and or parent/guardian.

Staff WILL NOT BE dropping of kits to cadets. Any enquires are to be directed to Lt Gibbons.

Virtual Training Information for Parents and Cadets for 822 Tutor Squadron R.C.A.C- September 2020

  1. Virtual Training will start Wednesday September 9, 2020 and continue until/ or after October 1, 2020 every Wednesday night.

  2. Virtual Training will be from:

    – 1830 to 1929 for level 1 and 2
    – 1930 to 2029 for level 3
    – 2030 to 2130 for level 4

  3. The dress for the virtual sessions is tour dress or presentable civilian casual attire.

  4. The Webex teleconference program/app is the platform that 822 Tutor squadron will be using for its virtual training.

  5. It is important that cadets complete the Accessibility to Virtual Training Survey 2020 and have it submitted no later than September 4, 2020. The survey link can be found on the 822 Tutor website or 822 Facebook Page. By completing the survey, the staff can better understand who has access to the virtual training and who does not. Staff then can come up with solutions to assist the cadet in having accessibility to the virtual training.

  6. There is no cadet that will be penalized for not having access to the virtual training due to accessibility issues. Staff have several ideas including worksheets with lesson material and activities mailed out to the cadet so they can do the activity and still gain some valuable cadet lesson-based information.

  7. Lessons will be taught by a combination of C.I.C staff and cadet Warrant officers

  8. Attendance will be taken for the classes. Cadets are suggested to have the following items available when taking part in their virtual lessons. Notepad, 2-inch binder, pen, pencil, eraser, pencil crayons/markers and glue/tape.

The lessons that will be taught to the cadets this year in both the virtual and in-person setting will encompass 3 main principles. The lessons will be FLEXIBLE, FUN and ENGAGING

The lessons will start with a safety briefing on cyber security and a Covi-19 Safety Briefing. The instructors will go over how to use the Webex teleconference and its features. The main lesson will focus on informed lessons designed to be flexible in its application, fun in the way it is delivered to the cadet and engaging in the content of the material/subject.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lt Scott Gibbons

Training Officer